Visionary Consulting


We support you in journey for better corporate responsibility in various ways from coaching to implementation. We are specialized in CSRD reporting analysis and reporting requirements clarifications.

divi consulting theme

Strategy projects

We support companies in strategic planning, analysis and roadmap setting. We can work together with client team or provide 2nd opinion for existing strategy work. Our opinions are supported with in-depth analysis.

Decision making

We are objective and impartial entity to conduct investigation on any matter to support in C-level decision making. We use proven methods to distill out the elementary options and pros/cons for each of them.


We offer coaching and training services tailored for operational management, board members, and personnel, encompassing areas such as the OKR methodology, change management, and continuous improvement.

Tendering process facilitation

We conduct criteria analysis, manage tender procedures, and provide advisory services on technology procurement, e.g. procurement of ERP/CRM solutions.

divi consulting theme

Project management support

We have team of experienced project managers to support you in business or IT project steering towards the outcome. 

Market research

 We are experts in data-heavy research assignments to capture valuable insight on any market. We combine qualitative and quantitative methods in our work.

Revenue growth

We have senior sales consultants who have been on both sides of the table. With our experience we support you in sales operating model development, process setting, playbook creation, coaching, target setting and incentive management.

Process development

We optimize operational efficiency by refining processes and management systems. Leveraging Lean and Agile methodologies, we streamline resource allocation and diminish lead times.